Samba and getpwnam() quest. - Was: Re: NIS+ solutions ? [was: A question about Auth Backends]

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu Mar 29 20:32:08 GMT 2001

On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, Kervin Pierre wrote:

> First, I have a question.
> Why does samba seem insist on having a /etc/passwd file to check
> uid<->username mapping, instead of using something like getpwnam() and
> friends?

Huh?  We do use getpwnam() et. al.

> I am definately not an expert UNIX programmer, but that's what seems to
> happen as far as I can tell.  We use LDAP for authentication on our
> samba server, and samba is set to do authenication=domain.  Samba would
> NOT need to know about LDAP, just as other programs don't, if it used
> the getpwnam() functions and friends.  Am I missing a something or is
> this correct. 

Are you sure you have your /etc/nsswitch.conf file correctly 

> I say this because the only way to get samba to work is to have a copy
> of the /etc/passwd file on the server.  To do this we have a cron job
> run every 10 minutes to dump the entire LDAP database in a /etc/passwd
> file format and scp this to the samba server. 

Nah....shouldn't be doing this. If it is, then it is a bug, but 
I'll need confirmation that it is indeed the case.  A quick grep of 
2.0.7 ensure no opens on /etc/passwd.

Cheers, jerry
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