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peter.milburn at sofcom.com.au peter.milburn at sofcom.com.au
Thu Mar 29 06:34:22 GMT 2001


I am having big problems. I can get a linux machine to join the domain 
no problems at all. But for the life of me I can not get a windows 2000 
machine to join the domain.

I have noticed when the windows machine has not succeeded it also 
disables the account in the smba passwd file.

Sorry I forgot part of the log here it is 

goobs ( connect to service IPC$ as user root (uid=0, gid=0) 
(pid 26861)
  getsmbfilepwent: returning passwd entry for user goobs$, uid 533
  get_md4pw: Workstation goobs$: no account in domain
  goobs ( closed connection to service IPC$
  getsmbfilepwent: returning passwd entry for user goobs$, uid 533  

I would really like to get this all done and working :) 

Thanks everyone.


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