Samba 2.2 print driver setup

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I've managed to come up with a work-around. I install a dummy local printer
on the W2K box first. I use the downloaded W2K drivers from HP ... the "Have
disk" option. After doing this, I go back to my PRINT$ share on the Samba
box. Now when I right click on the printer, and install "Additional Drivers"
it will let me browse for the drivers ... rather than just crapping out.

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> I'm using 2.2a2 in an environment with both W2K and W98 clients. One very
> annoying inconsistency with W2K is making my life miserable. We've got
> newer HP models which are not bundled with W2K. I downloaded the drivers
> from HP for both W2K and 95/98 platforms. I browse to my PRINT$ share from
> W2K server. I'm able to install the W2K driver just fine, but when I go
> "sharing" tab and try to install "Additional Drivers" for 95/98; W2K just
> errors out complaining the driver is not available. 

	This sounds similiar to the problem I have had with 2.0.7 with
to automate installs of printer drivers for printers NOT in the windows 98
"built in" driver list (like 4000 or 4500 printers - worked fine for old
LJ 4 or LJ 5SI.)  I asked in the news group and never received any response
this issue.  Old printers work great, new ones don't work.  Made us very

	I wondered if it was windows wierdness, or Samba weirdness.
	-Bob Martel

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