NIS+ solutions ? [was: A question about Auth Backends]

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Mar 28 20:05:13 GMT 2001

On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, sdunham wrote:

> Active Directory is, but as with all Microsoft things (MS-DNS, etc.),
> it is apparently not very compatible with iPlanet (as Microsoft didn't
> stick to specs...again).  I have heard that OpenLDAP might work, but
> we already have iPlanet and it seemed a waste.  Thanks for any and all
> input.

So I see this type of comment a lot.  Not that I am defending
MS by any means, but what specs in LDAP did MS not confirm to?
Note that extended operations and controls are optional
for implementations and LDAPv3 server is required to publish these
in the rootDSE.  What LDAP v3 core ops are missing or have been 
extended in a non-standard way?

Cheers, jerry
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