NIS+ solutions ? [was: A question about Auth Backends]

sdunham sdunham at Ringling.EDU
Wed Mar 28 14:02:08 GMT 2001

This summer, we will be implementing a solution that sounds exactly the same
as yours (Solaris with iPlanet LDAP and Windows clients).  I have been
trying to research the methods to do this and have yet to find much info.
If you do take a deeper look into this, please send me any info.  I would
REALLY appreciate it!
    We have a real mix of OS' also, SGI Irix, Win NT 4, Win 2000, Mac OS,
Solaris, Linux.  For the Unix side of things we use NIS+, but want to
integrate everything using iPlanet LDAP.


Sean Dunham
Network/Systems Administrator
RSAD-Institutional Technology
sdunham at

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> Doug Marcey wrote:
> > How do you use LDAP for your win domain logons? Do you use samba?
> > Or are you using Win 2000?
> We share the internal network between two offices, the "other"
> side is mainly NT boxes using iPlanet-LDAP and an NT PDC. Don't
> know how this is integrated, but i may take a deeper look.
> "my" side of the internal net is real mixed: SunOS, HPUX, AIX,
> Linux, NT, W2K and auths against NIS+ (but not the NTs/W2Ks).
> What about integrating NIS+/samba tables into LDAP (both) ?
>  Cheers, Peter

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