profiles updated on server but not on client

Hans Benedict benedict at
Wed Mar 28 10:47:06 GMT 2001


I am using samba 2.2.0-alpha3 on linux. Samba is configured to serve
roaming profiles to several NT 4.0 workstations. In principle this seems
to work BUT the profiles are only updated on the server, not on the
workstations. E.g.:

1) user logs on to workstation, creates file hello.txt on his desktop and
   logs off again

=> file is also present on server as well

2) user changes file on server (by editing it for example)
3) user logs on to workstation again

=> file on workstation is unchanged

4) user changes file on workstation and logs off

=> changes on server are overwritten by changes on workstation

This behavior of course also kills any changes made on another

To me this looks like a time sync problem, but client and server are both
running ntp-clients and when I look at the modification times of the
files on workstation and server while logged in, they are the same (or
different in the right way).

Any hints?

Thanks in advance,
                          Hans Benedict
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