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R.J.Mckeating at R.J.Mckeating at
Wed Mar 28 10:08:37 GMT 2001

This is driving me daft,

I cannot get a w2k machine to connect to a rhu box running the latest samba as a
pdc. I think I am going to cry or maybe just go down the pub.

OK is it true you have to be root to "join the domain", what do "join the
domain" actually mean. I have a machine entry in the /etc/passwd file of 

obviously there is a root password in /etc/passwd

There is an entry for the machine in the smbpasswd file of 


If I do /usr/local/samba/bin/smbpasswd -a root I get

ERROR: Badly formed boolean in configuration file: "ues".
INFO: Debug class all level = 3   (pid 3270 from pid 3270)
New SMB password:

I put in the password for root and then in /private/smbpasswd I have the entry


Now on my w2k machine I tell it to join the domain, I put in the user as root
and the password for root and I get the error

The account used is a computer account.  Use your global or local user account
to access this server.

So does anybody know what I am doing wrong, can anybody clearly enumerate the
steps for getting w2k machine to connect to a samba running as a pdc, what
accounts have to be created with what command in what file. And also what
accounts have to exist on the w2k machine.

Realy could use some help here as I feel I am going round in cirles, maybe I am
just dim.

Cheers all


Ron McKeating
Computing Services
Loughborough University
01509 222329

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