new samba from cvs success (27 march)

Lars Grobe grobe at
Wed Mar 28 08:29:30 GMT 2001


While I couldn't use the latest alpha3, I am successfully using samba from
cvs as on 27 march 2001 now.

The latest snapshots gave problems with wrong permissions on profiles in
combination with our win2kpro-clients (german version). This was the same bug as
in earlier alphas.

The cvs compiled (--with-netatalk --with-quotas) fine. Samba is file server
and domain controller here, the domain holding about 25 windows2kpro-clients.
Besides, about 50 macs are using netatalk which uses the authentication of
samba via pam_smb. The system has about 400 user accounts, 330 GB raid5
storage on a netfinity, SuSE-Linux 7.0. Everything on quite high load (files
usually up to 200MB, we are working in graphics here ;-)

CU, thanks to the samba-developpers,

Lars O. Grobe.

GMX - Die Kommunikationsplattform im Internet.

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