A question about Auth Backends

Christian Barth barth at cck.uni-kl.de
Wed Mar 28 05:49:07 GMT 2001

> There is no issue keeping the unix side synced if they change it from samba.
> However the other direction with a person changing their password from unix,
> which happens more often than people changing from NT since most of the
> people here are primarily unix people. I suppose I can write a script that
> basically does the same thing samba does where is runs smbpasswd for the
> person and fills in the password, but this is a less than ideal solution. I
> will play with this and let people know what I can come up with. Is anyone
> else doing this?

Wy using a skript? On my Linux box I did it this way:
unix passwd sync = yes
Unix passwd renamed to passwd.unix
setup an sutiable password chat
link passwd to smbpasswd
Only problem: The user can not do there first passwd change: This has 
to be done once as root to set the encrypted password. But after this 
all problems are away.

If the samba PCD is the NIS server, you can use cron or an advanced 
passwd chat to update the NIS database. On the NIS clients, simply 
point yppasswd and passwd to a skript, telling to use passwd on the 
NIS server. (Or install samba on them and link yppasswd to smbpasswd: 
Should work, haven't done it my self.) If the samba Box is not the 
NIS server, my solution doesn't work. But why not installing Samba on 
the NIS server with only the things to do you mentioned for your NT 


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