Win9x vs WinME

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Tue Mar 27 17:58:10 GMT 2001

It looks like your both OSes are configured differently.
Both problems come from the same source : How user access is managed in
your clients.

In the network panel, go to the third tab (err can't remember the exact
should be something like "Access level" or something)

In your Win98SE you have checked "Users & groups listed from the
domain" (follows: domain name) and in WinMe you didn't (security at
share level)

If you set this properties to the same way in both Win98 & WinMe, you'll
reproduce exactly the same error on both OSes.

The heck is that your primary domain controller doesn't allow anonymous
to the SAM database, and Win9x clients need this to list domain users &

About your profile management, I think the problem is issued from this

So, ideal is to downgrade security (allowing anonymous access to your
database is unafe, but you have Win9x clients, yikes) and reconfigure
WinMe clients.

Have fun,


pwinkeler at a écrit :
> Running alpha3 from CVS, my Linux RedHat 6.2 box happily becomes a PDC and
> both my WIndows 98SE and WIndows ME machines can see its shares just fine.
> That is where the similarity ends however :-(
> Windows 98SE:
> - Stores and pulls down the User profile from the server just fine
> - Has user level acces configured but, when I try to make its printer
> sharable I get the message: "Cannot retrieve user list; please try again
> later"
> Windows ME:
> - Seems to ignore the User profile
> - Is perfectly happy to grant user level access to its drive shares
> Any suggestions?  If it is helpful to have some logging data, I have several
> MBs lying around :-)
>  Paul Winkeler

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