codepage & character set

Martin Foerster mafoe at
Tue Mar 27 14:16:23 GMT 2001


I migrated files from an existing NT fileserver to a new samba server.
Unfortunately I did not make my homework properly and forget to set
"codepage" and "character set" in the global section. Bit this was necessary
for the
f#*§$? German 'Umlaute' like ö ,ä ,ü.
Now my dilemma is the following:
-Files that I moved are shown in Unix correctly with ä,ü etc.
-In NT explorer there is an ASCII symbol instead. Example: In Unix >Verträge
; in NT >Vert³ge.

-Newly created files are shown correctly in NT but with ASCII codes in Unix.

If I would add the codepage = 850 and character set = ISO8859-1 in smb.conf,
I would see the older files correctly in Unix & NT, with Umlaut ä,ü or ö,
but all files that are in NT already renamed or newly created and contain an
'Umlaut' disappear in Explorer.

Does Anybody have an Idea how I get out of this? I can't redo the whole job,
we are talking about 100GB.

Thank you

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