utmp usage

kat kathee at mindiq.com
Tue Mar 27 12:44:43 GMT 2001

Ok, as afollowup -- went from alpha 1 to alpha3 and built with utmp (as 
shown below) Also added utmp = yes and utmp directory = /var/run/ to my 
global section.  Then, to make extra sure, after re-installing, I rebooted 
my system. (alpha 1 to 3 - just wanted to make sure)  Anyway, nothing in 
utmp.  Tried restarting and look at docs more.  It does not say I need any 
other support for this to work, so I am stumped. Anyone test this on 
2.2.0alpha3??  (Linux - modified RH7 with reiserFS on all drives)


checking whether to support utmp accounting... yes

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