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First off, I haven't tested alpha3 yet ... but I am using alpha2.
It appears that setuid binaries are not honored with 2.2a2. Perhaps this is

What I noticed was all print requests sent to Samba never got spooled up
with LPRng. I set the debug level to 3 for smbd and the logs reported that
my "lpr" command "gave a 1". 

In order to catch output from the lpr command itself, I created a wrapper
script and redirected the output to a file. After attempting another print
request, the lpr output was complaining that the "-U" option can only be run
by root (my print commands in smb.conf all use the "-U" option). The odd
thing is that the lpr command is setuid root and the previous version of
Samba functions fine with this option.

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Hi all,

                I have just released the fourth alpha snapshot
of what will become Samba 2.2.0.

It's available from the usual ftp sites, in the alpha
directory as :

<ftp mirror>:/pub/samba/alpha/samba-2.2.0-alpha3.tar.gz

If people could test this snapshot out and provide feedback
about what is broken and let the lists know that would help.

The problem acting as a PDC for Win2k clients has been fixed,
it should work fine now (it does in my tests).

The Team will be monitoring the feedback and this will help
for the next alpha.

The POSIX ACL mapping feature has been rewritten and now
supports Linux (using the patch at,
Solaris and UnixWare. IRIX is being worked on for the next
release. Implementations for other platforms (AIX, HPUX, True64
etc.) are welcome - look at the code in lib/sysacls.c for
the interface needed.

The documentation has been converted from yodl to DocBook
(thanks Gerald and the documentation authors) but there are
still a few missing parameters.

This code has been running under memory overrun/leak detectors
for weeks now without problems.

Having said that - *please* don't use this on a production

The release notes follow :

                Jeremy Allison,
                Samba Team.

              WHATS NEW IN Samba 2.2.0alpha3

This is the fourth alpha release of the new 2.2.0 codebase
for Samba. This version must not be run in production.

This code will almost certainly have some bugs and is
intended to help the Samba Team prepare an official 2.2.0

The documentation in this alpha snapshot has been updated and
converted from Yodl to DocBook 4.1. There are many new parameters
since 2.0.7 and some defaults have changed. Most of the changes
are now documented.

This version of Samba will act as a PDC for Win2k clients as
well as for NT4.x clients.

Several significant bugs have been fixed between alpha3
and alpha2, these include :

./configure now supports a --with-acl-support that attempts
to select the correct ACL implementation.
./confugure now supports a --with-fhs option for the Linux
file system standard.
The ACL mapping code has been completely re-written and now
supports Solaris ACLs and UnixWare ACLs in addition to Linux
ACLS. IRIX ACL support is currently under development.
smbmount fixes for Linux only.
Byte ordering issues with AS/U on HPUX and PC-Netlink on Solaris
have been fixed. PC-Netlink can now join and authenticate against
a Samba 2.2 PDC (thanks to the CIFS/9000 Team at HP and Herb Lewis
at SGI for getting this working).
Restructuring of all the RPC interface code to allow TALLOC management
of memory. Preparing for auto-generated RPC code in a future Samba
Addition of OS/2 auto printer driver download support from IBM.
Many scalability improvements in the RPC printing code.
Merge of the new SAMR code from a TNG snapshot. Many fixes and
updates since then from Jean-Francois.
Re-written rpcclient to allow UNIX client upload/download of printer
Modification to debug system - start to allow "classes" of debug.
Code from John Reilly @ HP.
Removed all uses of snprintf (security reasons) - replaced with
Password caching code fixed - no more null derefs.
Prepare to split wildcard handling out for old DOS/Win3.x clients, not
done yet.
Changed length of fstring to 256 from 128. Longer filenames handled.
CUPS integration with new printing backend (patches from Michael Sweet).
Added ADMIN$ IPC share for AS/U integration.
Policy handle allocation made per pipename specific.
Previous release notes.
Several significant bugs have been fixed between alpha2
and alpha1, these include :

Inclusion of mapping of NT ACLs to Linux ACLs, using the patch
found at

This is being done via an abstract interface that needs porting
to the following UNIXes - IRIX, Solaris, HPUX, AIX - as many
as can be done will be supported at 2.2.0 release. Please look
at the code in lib/sysacls.c for the needed work.

Addition of tdb spinlock code for tdb speed.
Addition of user list lookup from Win2k (thanks to the Samba TNG
branch code for this).
Addition of generic to specific mapping of security descriptors
in printer code.
Addition of code page 857 (Turkish).
Addition of "%D" substitution for incoming Domain of user.
getpwnam/getpwuid cache.
Many codepage fixes when dealing with printers with extended
characters (thanks to HP for this fix).
Inherited security descriptors for printing.
Creation of internal NT "token" for smbd access checks.
Addition of NT trans code for client.
Fix for inheritance of blocked signals (thanks to HP).
Addition of "total print jobs" parameter.
Fix for NT not being able to save properties changes on
PCL drivers.
Fixes to speed up enumeration of print jobs.
Cleanup printer spool files on client disconnect.
Byteswap fixes for printing code (thanks JF).
New parameter "dos filemode" to allow a user who can write to a
file to change permissions on it.
Subtle statcache bugfix.
Fix for Office2000 print to file bug.
Fix for MS Access multi-user open problem.
Valid users now in linked list rather than array.
SMB lookup now table driven rather than linear search (doh!).
TDB locking fixes for multiple openers.

Several significant bugs have been fixed between alpha0
and alpha1, these include :

Fix for level II oplock bug.
Support for detecting version 2/3 printer drivers (from HP).
Samba profiling support (from SGI).
Winbind integration fixes.
Preliminary Win2K PDC support in compatibility mode for Win2K
clients (from JF).
VFS interface updates.
Failover finding of BDC's now works again.
lpq race condition fixes.
utmp fixes.
SWAT username detection fix.
Bugfix for WinNT and Win2K point and print feature.

The upcoming 2.2.0 Samba release will include the following
new features: 

Integration with the winbind daemon that provides a single
sign on facility for UNIX servers in Windows NT4/2000 networks
driven by a Windows NT4/2000 PDC.

Support for native Windows NT4/2000 printing RPCs.
This includes support for automatic printer driver
download. It is currently believed this functionality
is working in alpha2.

Rewritten internal locking semantics for more robustness.
This alpha supports full 64 bit locking semantics on all
(even 32 bit) platforms. SMB locks are mapped onto POSIX
locks (32 bit or 64 bit) as the underlying system allows.

Conversion of various internal flat data structures to use
database records for increased performance and

Support for acting as a MS-DFS server 

Compile time option for enabling a VFS layer 

Support for server supported Access Control Lists (ACLs).
This support will require a specific pluggable backend to
be written for each filesystem ACL implementation to be
supported. The stable 2.2.0 release should contain
support for the following filesystems: 
    Solaris 2.6+ 
    SGI Irix 
    Linux Kernel 2.2 with German ACL patch 

Currently in this alpha snapshot (alpha1) this feature
is not enabled - the VFS layer has been modified to allow
it, but the code is still under development and should
be in a later alpha snapshot.

Other platforms will be supported as resources are
available to test and implement the encessary modules. If
you are interested in writing the support for a particular
ACL filesystem, please join the samba-technical mailing
list and coordinate your efforts. 

Support for collection of profile information. A shared 
memory area has been created which contains counters for
the number of calls to and the amount of time spent in
various system calls and smb transactions. See the file
profile.h for a complete listing of the information 
collected. Sample code for a samba pmda (collection agent
for Performance Co-Pilot) has been included in the pcp

To enable the profile data collection code in samba, you 
must compile samba with profile support (run configure with 
the --with-profile option). On startup, collection of data
is disabled. To begin collecting data use the smbcontrol
program to turn on profiling (see the smbcontrol man page).
Profile information collection can be enabled for all smbd
processes or one or more selected processes. The profiling
data collected is the aggragate for all processes that have
profiling enabled.

With samba compiled for profile data collection, you may see
a very slight degradation in performance even with profiling
collection turned off. On initial tests with NetBench on an
SGI Origin 200 server, this degradation was not measureable 
with profile collection off compared to no profile collection
compiled into samba. 

With count profile collection enabled on all clients, the 
degradation was less than 2%. With full profile collection 
enabled on all clients, the degradation was about 8.5%. 


If you think you have found a bug please email a report to :

        samba at

As always, all bugs are our responsibility.


        The Samba Team.  

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a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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