Samba 2.2 alpha3 released

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Sun Mar 25 23:59:37 GMT 2001

On Sun, Mar 25, 2001 at 05:17:15PM -0600, David W. Chapman Jr. wrote:
> > When you build 2.2.0alpha3 did you specify --with-acl-support ?
> > What platform are you running on ?
> Freebsd 4.3
> Did not specify --with-acl-support

Ok - the debug level 10 log will help here.

I noticed that on open Samba 2.2.0alpha3 is still doing the
fchmod_acl() call even if acls are not specified (it'll set
the errno to ENOSYS) - but no other call depends on this

Can you get me the debug level 10 log of this problem ?

I'll take a look at the other FreeBSD patch when I'm
back in work tomorrow.


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