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I'm currently running Mandrake 7.2 with Samba 2.2 from CVS and it works
flawlessly.  Getting Samba to function as a PDC for Win2k machines wasn't
without headaches however. I had a look at your smb.conf file and I noted a
couple things that are going to prevent your setup from working (from the
info you've put in your smb.conf file, I'm betting you are a windows person
like myself):

1. Encrypt passwords needs to be set to yes.  Every OS after Win95 and Win
NT SP3 send passwords encrypted.
2. Your logon path isn't set to anything.  You need to give this a Unix path
to a readable directory on your samba machine (e.g. /usr/local/samba/logon,
or something like that).
3.  Get rid of the logon drive variable.  It really isn't doing you any
4. You have "security" set to user, "domain logons" set to no, and yet you
have the "add user script" variable included.  Are you try to setup a
workgroup or a domain?  They are two very different beasts from an
implementation standpoint (although, from what I've learned from the samba
development team, there isn't much of a distinction within samba itself.)
5. Guest account = ftp.  This looks like you pulled this from an example
somewhere.  It really doesn't help with anything unless you are trying to
setup ftp access to one of your shares.
6. Interfaces:  I would remove this until you get your samba working.
Besides, in order to for this function to work (i.e., Samba to listen on a
given interface) you need to also set the "bind interfaces only" parameter
to yes.

I had a difficult time when I first started with Samba, primarily because I
tried to trouble shoot everything at once.  I finally started making
progress when I quite using SWAT and started simply with my configuration
file.  I put in only the essential parameters and then fired up the daemons.
If you are clueless about Samba, as I was when I started, I'd HIGHLY
recommend that you read the Using Samba book that comes with the Samba
source.  It is an EXCELLENT book.  It's getting a little out of date for the
newer Samba 2.2 CVS trees, but the basics are still good.  (if you are
really in a bind, I wouldn't mind sending you my smb.conf file)

Also, if you are installing Samba from the sources for the first time on
Mandrake, you need to do a little work on pathing.  Here is a document that
helped me out with that   Look
on pages 7-9.

Good luck.


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Sent: Friday, March 23, 2001 6:25 AM
Subject: FW: Procedure number out of range

> Hello all.  I'm running the CVS 2.2 on Mandrake 7.2.  I'm running into a
> problem when I try to connect to my Linux box from win2k.  It's giving me
> error of "Procedure number is out of range".  If I try with encrypt
> = no it tells me "The account is not authorized to log in from this
> station".  And yes the user account is in smbpasswd and /etc/passwd with
> same passwords.  If encrypt password = yes then it gives me and "Procedure
> number is out of range".  If anyone can tell me why its giving me this
> problem please let me know.  I've attached my smb.conf file below.
> Thanks
> Stephen Atkins

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