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Greg J. Zartman greg at
Fri Mar 23 16:03:07 GMT 2001

I think if you played around with samba configuration file variables, you
may be able to pull this off.  I'm quite sure you couldn't do with a Windows
PDC.  The %g variable will give you the group name for a given user.  I
think I would try this in concert with the logon path or logon home global
variables to point people to a specific profile tree.  To force a single
profile to be downloaded to all people in a group, you may need to make the
a mandatory profile.

Good luck and I'd be interested to see where you end up with this.


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> Hi
> I want to create roaming profiles not for the users but for the groups.
> So the less number of profiles i have to keep.
> Can you help me how can i do that?
> Cagatay Koksoy
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