How does NT see Samba in terms of a user?

John Gardner johng at
Fri Mar 23 13:22:48 GMT 2001

I'm hoping some of you could help me.

I've got a linux box which is setup as a central webstats server, it 
basically produces pretty graphs from logs that all of our other web 
servers produce.

I've set Samba shares up to connect to the log directories on all of the 
NT servers in our NT domain, and a script runs every night to pull over 
the logs onto the Linux box... or at least it did until a couple of months 
ago when it stopped... the script is still running, but it can't seem to 
pull over the log files anymore... The strangest thing is though, when I 
run the script manually, it works!

So, when I run the script it copies the files over, but the cron job 
won't... So immediately, I thought it must be something to do with how NT 
sees the the Samba connection... even though I log on as root and run the 
script fine, does NT somehow see this differently from the Server running 
as root?

I would be really interested to see if anyone else has any insight on 

Thanks in advance!


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