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Christian Barth barth at cck.uni-kl.de
Fri Mar 23 06:38:34 GMT 2001

You can use this registry key on the clients, to delete the localy 
cached profiles on the NT clients:

-----> CUT HERE <-----


-----> END CUT <-----
Thanks to Brendon_Meyer at fmi.com for sending me this key two years ago. Or 
you can setup policies (NTconfig.pol in the netlogon share) an configure 
the same there.


> Hi,
> I have set up a samba PDC with 20 machines (windows nt server) in
> stand alone mode. Each day several students are logging to these
> machines. The problem is that the local hard disk is filled in the
> profile directory, which eats a lot of space  (there are 300
> students) login for each day. How can I avoid this problem 
> Help me !!!!!!!!!!!1
> Santhosh kumar.S

In a world without walls and fences, who needs windows and gates? (SUN)

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