Best way to change over NT PDC

David A. Mason damason at
Fri Mar 23 05:37:36 GMT 2001

You might save yourself some headaches by exporting the registry trees
having to do with Exchange's services beforehand.

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Joe Pfaltzgraff at PATAPSCO
03/22/2001 04:49 PM

Unfortunately, I was never able to find a way.  I had a similiar situation
6 months ago.  According to an article in Microsoft's TechNet you have to do
reinstall.  I wish there was a trick....

>I've installed Samba 2.2 and have it working great as a PDC for our
>network. It is currently co-existing with a NT4 PDC (different domain
>name) - I wan't to convert the NT box to the Samba domain without
>affecting Exchange Server, and use the Samba PDC.
>Is there a way to do this? I know that NT PDC can be downgraded to BDC
>but not to Member server. Am I stuck with re-installing NT or is there a
>trick (I don't mind hacking into the registry etc) I can do to get it to
>work on the new domain?
>Josh Marshall.

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