Disappearing machine.....

Jonathan W Miner Jonathan.W.Miner at lmco.com
Thu Mar 22 20:40:23 GMT 2001

Jeff -

I have the same problem here at work.  We have over 2000 PC desktops, so
the Network Neighborhood doesn't always show everything...  At home,
where I have 6 machines, I have no problems, all the machines including
the samba server, all the time.

I suspect there is some type of resource that is being exhausted in the
WINS, but I'm no NT guru so I can't shed any light on why it's broke.  I
have to tell people to just go to Start->Run and type in \\{server}

Jeff Lemay wrote:
> we are running samba on a UNIX machine here, and it used to show up in
> the Network Neighborhood, but no longer does.  We can access it by
> entering the ip address, but it is a pain to have to do this every time.
> Has anyone ever heard of this happening before, and if so, what can I do
> to resolve this?  Thanks in advance

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