couple of questions

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Thu Mar 22 20:38:29 GMT 2001

>my setup:  samba 2.2alpha2 cvs from march 6 running on RedHat 6.2 as a PDC
>for win2k clients.  the global, homes, and netlogon settings of my
>file are exactly like those in the FAQ.
>question 1:  the users get the following error when they try to change
>passwords: "System Cannot Change Your Password now because the Domain
>PICOSCRIPT is not available".  I read through the list archives and see
>that there is a problem changing passwords on win2k.  is there a
>work-around for this?  as in: if i change the password in smbpasswd will
>that change it for the client?

This has been fixed in the latest CVS.  There's no other workaround of
which I am aware.

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