couple of questions

Stacey McComas smccomas at
Thu Mar 22 20:23:49 GMT 2001

hey everyone!  i have a couple of quick questions - but first, i'd like to
thank all the samba developers for making my life so much easier!

my setup:  samba 2.2alpha2 cvs from march 6 running on RedHat 6.2 as a PDC
for win2k clients.  the global, homes, and netlogon settings of my smb.conf
file are exactly like those in the FAQ.

question 1:  the users get the following error when they try to change
passwords: "System Cannot Change Your Password now because the Domain
PICOSCRIPT is not available".  I read through the list archives and see
that there is a problem changing passwords on win2k.  is there a
work-around for this?  as in: if i change the password in smbpasswd will
that change it for the client?

question 2:  when i had roaming profiles enabled, it copied the *entire*
contents of the user's personal directory to and from the server (we're
talking "my documents" and everything else).  it was my understanding that
just the NTDOM file and a few others copied, but this doesn't seem to be
the case.  is there a way to pick and choose what you want copied to the
server?  i've read through the documentation, but can't seem to find
anything about this.  the directory it is copying is c:\documents and

any ideas?

thanks in advance for any help!!


Stacey G. McComas
Senior Analyst
mailto:smccomas at

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