Netbios name or IP not known

MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1) don_mccall at
Thu Mar 22 15:40:02 GMT 2001

Hi Nick,
Don't know why - but here is a simple test that works for me:
in global section of smb.conf:
preexec = "/opt/samba/bin/ %I %m %M"

echo $1 $2 $3 >>/var/opt/samba/echolog.txt

make sure that echolog.txt exists and is world writeable:
touch /var/opt/samba/echolog.txt
chmod 777 /var/opt/samba/echolog.txt

make sure that is executable:
chmod 755 /opt/samba/bin/

Then test:
smbclient -L mysambamachinename

Results in /var/opt/samba/echolog.txt: rkm-nt

Try this simple test to make sure it works before going to something
more complicated.
Hope this helps,

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I want to use the %m %M and %I in some preexec commands and other stuff, but
it always results in UNKNOWN or
When i look in my logfiles i see that the IP and computername are known
there, so why not in my preexec command ??

Appreciate any help


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