Joining CVS-PDC with W2K terminal server

Håvard Berland berland at
Thu Mar 22 12:34:49 GMT 2001

Hello folks,

we are having trouble at the studentslaboratory at the University in
Trondheim, Norway. We want a Sun 250 running Solaris 8 function as a PDC
for a W2k terminalserver, due to replace all NT-installation on our

The sambaserver is running the very latest cvs-source, and it functions
as a PDC for our WinNT clients. But we can't get the W2K server to join
our domain (which name is of 6 characters). I've read every other post
on this list and tried to follow the tutorials given there. This

  - adding the w2k server to the /etc/passwd on the sambaserver
  - removed the w2k server from smbpasswd on the sambaserver
  - adding a root account in smbpasswd   ('smbpasswd -a root')
  - made root a member of the admin group mentioned in smb.conf
  - smb.conf taken from samba-pdc-howto.txt

but we only get the message "The credentials supplied conflict with an
existing set of credentials".

Håvard Berland                                berland at

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