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Tom Martin tm9201 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 21 16:30:33 GMT 2001

I have an interesting question about Win98 clients connecting to
Samba 2.0.7.

We don't have a domain controller, so we are running Samba in security = 
server mode.  Everything has been working fine, but when our 98 clients are 
writing to the Samba server via. the desktop (e.g. GUI), the performance is 
poor (writes take 2-3x the time vs. NT and Win2K clients).  Old fashioned 
writes via. a win98 msdos window via. "copy" do not suffer from this poor 

Because the performance problem is only noticed via. the GUI, and it only 
occurs with 98 clients, the assumption has been that this is a problem with 

Just for grins... :-)  I setup an NT domain controller, and set security = 
domain.  Now the Win98 writes via. the desktop run at normal

This is bizarre.  Further testing shows that this performance drop
only occurs in this one case where 1) it is a 98 client, 2) the samba server 
is in security = server, and 3) the client is writing via. the desktop.

Any ideas?  Except for running in security = domain mode (which is not an 



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