access samba file server from 95/98

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Wed Mar 21 16:06:23 GMT 2001

Better yet, use encrypted and switch over all your Win95 machines. The switch
only has to be done once, and all the machines in the future (Win98/Me/2000)
will default to encrypted.

There are ".reg" files in the docs folder of the source tree that will turn off
encryption. Just run the Win95 one, look in the registry for
"EnablePlainTextPassword", change the 0 to a 1, and save the result to a ".reg"
file. Now all you have to do is run it once on each Win95 machine and you're
ready to roll.

Of course a similar argument could be made for using unencrypted. After all, the
new machines usually come in a few at a time and are easily changed over (once
again using a ".reg" file). I stuck it out this way for a long time because it
was so convenient to just use my existing UNIX passwords.

I'd argue that either way is preferable to spending days trying to buck the
current and make either OS do something it doesn't really want to. Those kind of
things always blow up in your face later.

bassque wrote:

> can you explain briefly how this is done.
> I'm not familliar with the method you are refering to.
> thanks
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> > Make up a policy that tells the stations to turn encrypted passwords off
> on
> > 98 - thats the best way, rather than fiddling around with samba source

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