Samba-2.2.0alpha2 PDC under Solaris 8.

PJ Waskiewicz pj at
Wed Mar 21 07:13:10 GMT 2001

Hi all.  I got Samba-2.2.0alpha2 to compile under Solaris 8 (SPARC) by rewriting some net code in smbd/password.c.  I'm getting a patch together to send in possibly (it was like 5 lines of code), but I'm having problems setting up the PDC.  I have a conf file just like the PDC-Howto specifies, have the Win2k client added to /etc/passwd and /usr/local/samba/private/smbpasswd, and then when I try to enter the domain, the client responds "The domain master could not be contacted or the domain doesn't exist" which both do exist.  I can mount shares from it (including home directories), but I can't join the domain.  Any thoughts?  Thanks in advance.

PJ Waskiewicz
pj at

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