access samba file server from 95/98

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Tue Mar 20 21:24:03 GMT 2001

can you explain briefly how this is done.
I'm not familliar with the method you are refering to.

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> Make up a policy that tells the stations to turn encrypted passwords off
> 98 - thats the best way, rather than fiddling around with samba source
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> Is there any way to use both windows 95 and 98 clients with a samba
> It seems one wants to use encrypted passwords and the other doesn't. I
> also read about and tried the patch that eliminates the encryption on
> win98.....but thats alot of work for the amount of machines that would
> to access the samba server! I was thinking along the lines of a short
> for samba that says if OS equals win95 then encryption equals no, and if
> equals win98 then encryption equals yes. Can anyone make any suggestions
> how I can accomplish this? Where will be a few hundred machines......a
> mixture of windows 95/98 and very few NT workstation boxes who I will need
> to grant access to the sambe file server. Any comments and thoughts are
> appreciated. Thanks

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