W2K-Terminal Server vs Samba

Robert M. Martel bob at meeker.urban.csuohio.edu
Tue Mar 20 21:20:15 GMT 2001

	Since it has been some months since this topic has popped up, I had 
wondered if anyone had found a way around a Windows 2000 Terminal server
machine using the same smb connection for all users?  Anyone else that is in 
this boat found a way out of it?

	I am setting up a pair of test servers, one Samba 2.2 and W2K terminal
server to test out the PDC service on Samba 2.2.

	Right now I have a W2K terminal server talking to Samba 2.0.7 on my
Sun boxes and that is working ok most of the time.  I've been seeing the drives
(always the user's home directory thus far) disconnecting itself, and not 
reconnecting because of a "incorrect password" problem.

	So, any developments since this thread popped up back in December?
	Bob Martel
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