NT Server as a client in Samba 2.0.6

Greg J. Zartman greg at kwikfind.com
Tue Mar 20 15:59:17 GMT 2001


I'm not familiar with versions of Samba prior to 2.2, but there really isn't
any difference between Win NT server and Win NT workstation from the
networking aspect.  They both join domains join domains the same way and
both act exactly the same when "playing" the client role.

In my current setup, I have a Samba 2.2 alpha 3 PDC with 22 Win 2k clients
and one Win 2k server.  All joined the Samba domain by setting the Network
Identification, properties to the Samba domain.  I had to employ the trick
listed in the FAQS to make it possible to join machines from the client, but
it works perfectly.

I'm not sure where Samba 2.0.6 was in the way of PDC functionality, but I
know that ALOT of work has gone into this area of development in the past
months.  You may find some value in upgrading (takes me less than 15

Good luck.


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> Hi,
> I have Samba running on version 2.0.6. Now i have some NT-Workstations (4
sp6) as clients
> this is working fine. I also have one NT-Server machine which also has to
connect as a
> client to the samba service.
> Is this possible and when it is:
> What do i have to configure on the NT-Server to get this working, or do i
have to change
> something in the samba-configuration. (or where can i find some
information about this)
> Thanks.
> Harrie ter Rele
> harrietr at mailstreet.nl

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