Which Samba & How with Win2k

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Yes, BIND 8 does support dynamic DNS update.  I'm currently using Bind 8.2.3
with DHCPD 3b3pl9 and the DDNS update works like a champ.  Very easy to
setup and maintain.

I'm not so sure that Linux admin is more difficult to learn than Windows
admin.  I've been working with Windows since 1989, so most aspects of it
come pretty easily for me.  I would expect that after spending nearly 12
years with an OS, I would be fairly proficient with it.    I started using
Linux about 2-3 months ago.  Before that, the closest I'd ever gotten to a
Unix OS was accessing a site using command prompt FTP.  Yes, it was a
difficult transitions at first.  I had to do alot of reading and posting on
news groups such as this one.  But, in that time I converted all of my major
network services from Windows to Linux.  The only thing I use windows for
now are client machines.  When you look at the learning curve for me
learning Linux network admin, I'd say it's very favorable.  Once you learn
the basic concepts of how Unix works, most of the admin functions can be
figured out by doing a little reading.

I know for a fact, I haven't spend enough time working with this to equate
to the cost of a Microsoft Enterprise setup.  Additionally, I feel like I
now know more about how my network is functioning than I did with the
Windows setup.  With windows, everything is in a "black box."  You really
never know for sure what's going on.  With my Linux setup, I know exactly
how things are functioning as I can look at the config files and log files
and see exactly what's right or wrong with my setup.  When I ask my Windows
network buddies questions about DNS theory, for example, many don't really
know how it works, they only know how to set it up in windows.  After
reading HOWTOs and newsgroup posts and working with this stuff, I feel that
I have a good understanding of these primary network functions actually

If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, my money would be on
Linux hands down.

My two cents.


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You are perfectly right. The W2k systems (and marketing plans of MS)
aim at large corporations. That's why the new "light" version will be
"soon" here. For the W2K people are expected to spent more than 2
days playing with SW... (BTW DNS should support dynamic update, correct
me if it is not true, BIND 8.2.2 support it...)

I am respectful to both Linux and Windows development groups...
(I have returned to Linux after 6 years of Windows experience...
for more small companies have money enough to buy MS SW and applications
based on MS W)

Compare the learning curve for Linux and Windows. People say that Linux
is cheaper, but it is your or mine time we pay for ...The strong positive
aspect is based on the fact that people are able and willing to cooperate
on the nonprofit base. And it is exciting moment for me.


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The only think that a W2k PDC has going for it is the active directory and
to be honest, I don't think it's all that great.  I spent two days getting
my DNS server sorted out after installing the active directory and "linking"
it to the DNS.  Additionally some of my users were confused by the active
directory front end.

Unless you are a type of person that browses the network neighborhood
looking for shares, Active Directory just doesn't seem to do much for you.
Personally, I'd rather "hard wire" all of the shares I want people to use in
a login script and minimize "network neighborhood surfing."  I always hate
getting the question "why isn't the LaserJet on serverc any longer?",
because a person is trying to find it by surfing the network instead of
realizing that I've already mapped it for them with the login script.

My 2 cents on Microsoft networking.


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From: "Puchta, Milos" <M.Puchta at fscodes.cz>
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.....or perhaps the development will skip this phase
and there will be W2K like domain controllers....


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Samba2.2 currently does not have the ability to perform as a BDC, but I'm
sure the ability is not far away.

I'm not all that familar with the head branch code of Samba, but I do know
that alot more development in this area is being done there.  You may want
to post a question asking about this.

Good luck.

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> Hi all.
> I am a newbie on the list and a newbie to Samba but have a
> fair bit (16 years) Unix and Linux (3 years) experience.
> I have a site with a Win2k PDC and a Redhat Linux 6.2 server
> with Samba 2.0.6.  I need the Linux server to be a BDC for
> the domain.  Can this be done?
> If so with which version and what are the primary smb.conf
> variables I need to set?
> I have tried a number of settings but none even allow for
> the
> linux server to be "seen" when doing a Find-Computer on a
> Win98
> workstation.
> Thanks
> Ken

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