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Well, with Win9x machines you're very limited in what you can force people
to do or not do.  You can kind of fake security with a domain (although I've
been corrected in saying that a win9x is a true member of a domain), but
even then you are limited.

Your best option may be to set the Win9x machine to share level security,
not user level security.  That way everyone logs on under the same account.
The start menu would then be the same for all, provided you made sure people
aren't installing software on their own.

Maybe even put together a little VB program to write over the start menu
each time at bootup (very messy though).

Good luck.


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> Hi, first thanks for your tip!
> "Greg J. Zartman" <greg at> wrote:
> > 1) Set up a mandatory profile (you could have one or many).  The profile
> > would have a standardized start menu for all.
> >
>  That's the best option. We already have a standard menu, but how can we
> it in client machines, I mean, without logon script?
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