Samba 3.0

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Answers to the first two paragraphs are in the FAQ.

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> Just a dumb question....Any idea on the estimated time (long or
> short) when you think TNG and Samba 2.2 will both be stable to the point
> that it may merge to Samba 3.0? And any idea when perhaps 3.0 would
> become production-level after that? I know you guys probably don't know,
> but perhaps you can guestimate it (by perhaps relating it to other
> projects)? I'm just wondering, because I've seen sources saying it's a
> matter of months, but realistically that could be bullcrap.
> Also (to the TNG list), what exactly is the status of TNG? How stable is
> it, what is not stable (or rather, what has not been verified to be
> stable), and

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