Samba 3.0

Tomas Maly malyprogservices at
Mon Mar 19 15:23:35 GMT 2001

Just a dumb question....Any idea on the estimated time (long or
short) when you think TNG and Samba 2.2 will both be stable to the point
that it may merge to Samba 3.0? And any idea when perhaps 3.0 would
become production-level after that? I know you guys probably don't know,
but perhaps you can guestimate it (by perhaps relating it to other
projects)? I'm just wondering, because I've seen sources saying it's a
matter of months, but realistically that could be bullcrap.

Also (to the TNG list), what exactly is the status of TNG? How stable is
it, what is not stable (or rather, what has not been verified to be
stable), and

To both TNG and HEAD, how well developed, and stable is the LDAP code
for using LDAP as a SAM backend? When (in time) would it be guestimated
that Samba 2.2 would have decent LDAP code that is usable in production

To just the HEAD list, what does 2.2 have that is stable, lack, and what
is planned to be implemented/fixed before 2.2.0 becomes beta (or

Thanks a bunch.

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