Christopher Arnold chris at
Mon Mar 19 08:47:14 GMT 2001

On Sun, 18 Mar 2001, Keith Lynn wrote:

>      I wasn't able to get the Samba server to act as a gateway so I am
> trying to have my Solaris server act as a gateway for the machines. I have
> a qfe interface that I set to have IP address The routing
> table gets built by the operating system, and I turn on ip forwarding. I
> can ping the 192.168.103 subnet from the Solaris server, and I can ping
> the Solaris server from the subnet. However, from the subnet I cannot ping
> any address beyond the Solaris server. I do have a default route set on
> the Solaris server, and I ran in.routed. Can someone tell me if there's
> anything else I need to do to have the Solaris server act as a gateway for
I belive that your issues is due to no routing for 192.168.193 outside the
solaris server. That means that the next machine after your Solaris server
must know that it should send packets to it. (and the next, and next...)

So you basically have to tell the other routers on your net where to send
trafic to your net.

And a sideline: If you need to communicate with the public internet, you
will need an adress which is carried there. yours isn´t. In that casee you
will need to run NAT in the solaris and translate it to "officiall"


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