Infamous 'No mapping between account names and security ID's' message

Boyd Kelly bkelly at
Sun Mar 18 04:08:35 GMT 2001

Hello all,

+ the other Remote procedure calls, credentials conflit etc messages.

Yes I am having this same problem - spent most of the day on it with no
success.  Following instructions to the T. Recompining. Have scanned all the
posts about it, and don't seem to find any logic.

Some say it's after removing rpm's that things work.  Others its the Wins
server pointing to itself.  Odd/Even domain names?

Yes root was added to smbpasswd.  Followed the Howtos.  Tried deleting
accounts, recreating manually and let win2k do it.

Does someone really know what the issue is here?  Let's put this in a FAQ.
Thanks for some more input.

Boyd Kelly

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