problem with userdir password

POTHI pothi_k at
Sat Mar 17 15:03:05 GMT 2001


   I am using samba server along with win 4.0 nt
server (badly this is the main server) and 2 win 98
machines. And i am separated the directory accesses as
public, staffs and userdir as mentioned in samba's
sample configuration file(smb.conf). What's my main
problem is that i can not able to access the userdir
which repeatedly ask password and denied all password
i have used (even worst problem is in the win 4.0 nt
server, i tried all my user names along with
password). Please give me some suggestion to overcome
this problem.

my smb.conf details are:
workgroup = same as win 4.0 server group
security = server
password server = win nt server name

and one more thing in the userdir preference, i
included all the unix user names as well as all the
machine names.

pothi k.

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