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Andrew Feldhacker afeldhacker at
Sat Mar 17 01:12:05 GMT 2001

Hello all,
Sorry for yet one more message to the list, but I have been unable to find
any other resources or definitive answeres to my particluar scenario.
What I have setup and what I'm trying to do are both relatively simple.
The scenario is this:
I have a linux packet filter with 3 nics, acting as a firewall between the
Internet, a dmz, and an internal lan.
Let's assume that I've made all the necessary changes to allow appropriate
communication for the nameserver and all netbios-* ports that would allow
communication between the smb services on the internal lan and dmz.

On the internal lan, I have a w2k PDC, with which I am trying to pull a WINS
database from a samba-based DMZ PDC/WINS server, which just isn't happening.

The event log on the 2k system spits out the following:

"An attempt to contact the remote WINS server at with address
addy.of.dmz.wins returned with an error.  Check to see that the remote WINS
server is running and availible, and that WINS is running on that server."

I guess my first and foremost question is, does Samba 2.0.7, or any other
version, have WINS support that will work in a sitiuation where a 2k WINS
server is trying to pull the WINS database from the Samba server?

Any help to my particluar scenario is greatly appreciated, as well is this
lists ongoing effort in supporting the Samba community.

Andrew J. Feldhacker 
      Network Administrator 
      Thomas Reprographics, Inc. 
      Commercial Blueprint Reprographics, Inc. 

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