Kiko kiko.linux at uol.com.br
Fri Mar 16 02:39:10 GMT 2001

Hi everybody..

I´m new in samba working with PDC and BDC, so I´m having some troubles with my Linux box working with my PDC and BDC

When I tried to connect to my Linux Box using a domain user it doesn´t log in...

My configuration is set to:
security = domain
password server = PDC, BDC
workgroup = DomainName
encrypt passwords = yes

Ok..that´s some lines of my configuration file...
How should i configure my shares(like users that can use those shares) to NTWs be able to log in the linux box??
Should i make anymore configuration on [global] settings??

Maybe this is a stupid question, but I could´n find it on the samba documentations, and couldn´t implement using my knowlegments in Linux..=(



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