compiling issues with directories

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Thu Mar 15 21:02:46 GMT 2001

The directions in the documentation section of provide the
specifics for creating a private directory and setting its permissions
correctly, as well as a sample rc script (/etc/rc.d/init.d/smbd). It is also
normal for it not to create a smb.conf in the lib directory; you will have
to write one.

What you should do to prevent the default rpm samba from getting in the way
	chkconfig smb off
(or whatever the name of your smb startup script is)

Then, use the sample rc script in the documentation to create a new smb22a
or something. Be sure to set the permissions correctly (you can use the same
permissions as the old smb rc script).

Then, follow the documentation for creating your smb.conf in the lib

Then, start samba:
	service smb22a start
	/etc/rc.d/init.d/smb22a start

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Hi to everyone,

I have been trying to install Samba 2.0.7 on my Redhat Linux 6.2 as both a
file server and an NT domain controller.  I am encountering a problem that
is quite odd and I am not sure why I am having this problem.

When I installed Redhat, I had it install the samba files thinking that I
would just overwrite them with the samba 2.0.7 install.  However, after
compiling and installing samba, there is no smb.conf file in the lib
directory and no private folder.  This issue is easily overcome as I have a
copy of smb.conf from the redhat install of samba (it installs it in
/etc/samba) and I can create the smbpasswd file by calling the smbpasswd

However, the mapping of the directories appear to be from the redhat
install of samba.  When I start smbd, it is still looking for the smb.conf
file in /etc/samba, not /usr/local/samba/lib.  And when I create an
smbpasswd file by calling the smbpasswd binary, it creates it in
/etc/samba/private).  I have reconfigured the 2.0.7 samba and this problem
still exists.

Any insight on this matter will be welcomed.

Thanks in advance,

Kevin Chan
Systems Administrator
Administrative Computing

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