Permissions question

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Thu Mar 15 17:31:29 GMT 2001

Thanks to all for the very good advice.

This answers a few questions.  Thank you.


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> The share shows the normal unix behavior: New files get the owner and the
standart group (the one in /etc/passwd) of the user. If you do a "chmod g+s
project_direktory", the files will get the group of the directory. In
smb.conf you should set a suitable umask and must set "inheret permissions =
yes" for the s-bit (the "g+s") to work (at least in my 2.0.7). This should
do what you want.
> The owner should stay the creator of the file. You can't change this on
the unix side and I do not recommend to use the "force user" paramter in
smb.conf, exept you realy need it and you know what you are doing.
> (If the users use unix to access the files, too, you need to configure a
suitable umask theire as well. A good place are the ~./cshrc ~./profile or
the other start-up-files of the shell.)
> Christian

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