Permissions question

Christian Barth barth at
Thu Mar 15 17:27:16 GMT 2001

The share shows the normal unix behavior: New files get the owner and the standart group (the one in /etc/passwd) of the user. If you do a "chmod g+s project_direktory", the files will get the group of the directory. In smb.conf you should set a suitable umask and must set "inheret permissions = yes" for the s-bit (the "g+s") to work (at least in my 2.0.7). This should do what you want.

The owner should stay the creator of the file. You can't change this on the unix side and I do not recommend to use the "force user" paramter in smb.conf, exept you realy need it and you know what you are doing. 

(If the users use unix to access the files, too, you need to configure a suitable umask theire as well. A good place are the ~./cshrc ~./profile or the other start-up-files of the shell.)


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