Torsten Curdt tcurdt at
Thu Mar 15 17:14:43 GMT 2001

> > We are still running an alpha 0 CVS snapshot quite successful
> > now for a while in production environment (hurray for the brave :)
> > 
> > Lurking to the list, I feel now is the time to upgrade to another
> > CVS version. But before this I have some questions...
> > 
> > All our users are stored in a LDAP server. Right now we use nss_ldap
> > and pam_ldap for the linux authentification and try to keep
> > the smbpasswd accounts in sync. (not a nice sollution)
> > 
> > I wonder if an upgrade to the latest CVS and the use of windbind
> > can help us in means of LDAP integration?!
> winbindd will help you only if you are running the Samba host
> in domain mode security.

Hm... so I'll have to stick to this icky sollution?

Any progress with the LDAP support? I don't want to
maintain two user managements.

I remember there was a big rewrite of the auth interface.
Is their now a reasonable way of adding a smooth integration
of user auth?

> > Even the alpha is so promising that it doesn't matter at all
> > but... any plans to go beta?
> This will hopefully be the last alpha release.  Beta after 
> that obviously. :-)  (Yeah!)

Alpha or beta ... in *nix world this seems to be what
in win world releases are ;)

Great work!

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