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Greg J. Zartman, P.E. greg at
Thu Mar 15 16:18:53 GMT 2001

I have permissions type question that I'm sure is very elementary to the
veteran Unix user, but confusing to a Windows person like myself.  Stupid
questions from us Windows people are OK because you guys are converting us
to Linux, right?  :o)

I have a Samba PDC setup for a Win2000/NT domain.  I'm having difficulty
with permissions on the group shares.  Specifically, I have a main project
share where people store project data that I want to be accessible by all.
I don't want to restrict access to anyone, except those that don't have an
account on the PDC.

Where my confusion comes in is the Unix/Linux filesystem security.  I've
setup a Unix group called domain_users and made everyone on my network a
member of that group.  I set the ownership of the shared project directory,
Linux, to the domain_users group and made it readable, writable, and
executable to this group.  On the samba end, I set valid user =
@domain_users, create mode = 0770, and directory mode = 0770.  But, when my
users create a directory or file in the shared directory tree, the ownership
of the directory or file is set to the creator's username and group name.
What I want is for the group ownership to be automatically set to
domain_users, so everyone can access the file or directory.  Is the only
option to make this happen to use the force group parameter in my smb.conf

Thank you.

Greg J. Zartman, P.E.

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