Torsten Curdt tcurdt at
Thu Mar 15 10:29:20 GMT 2001

> > I know this is still an alpha relaease, but I have been having so much
> > fun with it. The other week, I downloaded the lastest tarball relaease,
> > which fixed the permsions on roaming profiles, my problem I have now, is
> > that I can not get a new machine to join the domain,
> Known bug in that snapshot I'm afraid. The code in CVS is
> much better and I'll be doing another snapshot shortly if
> you can't get CVS access.

We are still running an alpha 0 CVS snapshot quite successful
now for a while in production environment (hurray for the brave :)

Lurking to the list, I feel now is the time to upgrade to another
CVS version. But before this I have some questions...

All our users are stored in a LDAP server. Right now we use nss_ldap
and pam_ldap for the linux authentification and try to keep
the smbpasswd accounts in sync. (not a nice sollution)

I wonder if an upgrade to the latest CVS and the use of windbind
can help us in means of LDAP integration?!

Even the alpha is so promising that it doesn't matter at all
but... any plans to go beta?

Great work guys...

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