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David A. Mason damason at
Wed Mar 14 21:59:57 GMT 2001

This issue is not a Samba-specific issue, but rather a workstation issue.

As far as I've been able to tell, this happens when a task that is part of
the user's session is taking its time ending. However, I'm not sure.

> 4) Here's another annoying problem and I don't know who to blame, NT or
> Samba.  Occasionally when a user selects something from the Shut Down
> menu, the screen will do its "fade" and the hourglass appears, but at that
> point everything just seems to sit still.  I can press ALT+F4 and the fade
> and hourglass will go away as if nothing ever happened.  I'm forced to use
> CTRL+ALT+DEL and select either Logoff or Shut Down.  What could be causing
> that?  It doesn't seem to do that with local accounts.

I've never seen that behaviour, I'm afraid.

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