2 samba server in same computer?

patrick grantham pwgrant at mailandnews.com
Tue Mar 13 13:43:58 GMT 2001

You cannot have two PDC on the same MS NT Domain, hence the acronym Primary
Domain Controller.  In fact, I believe the samba server must be a PDC (a
limitation.)  You could set up a testing domain and have your testing samba
server as the pdc.  The major bookstores finally have great selections of
books now.

Please correct anything I have said that may be incorrect.

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> Hi
> I am trying to find a way to run 2 samba PDC servers on the same computer.
> One samba server is the one in production and the other will be used for
> testing.
> So far I have not found a way to do this, is it possible at all?
> I only have one network card.
>      Jocke

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