Hiding nmb name in browse list

Greg J. Zartman greg at kwikfind.com
Mon Mar 12 21:11:27 GMT 2001


I could be wrong here, but I'm pretty sure the browse list parameter tells
samba if it should keep a list of machines currently online for the
workgroup.  I would leave this at the default setting(yes), otherwise the
workstation may not be to see other machines that are currently online in
the workgroup.

I don't think that Samba has a parameter that directly addresses not being
able to see a machine in the browse list.  My best guess would be to play
around with it a little.  Try no shares at all or make a dummy share and
specify it as not browsable.....

Anyone else???

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> Newer versions of W98/2K/NT have the option to hide the computer's
> netbios name from the browse-list in the Network Neighborhood.  The idea
> is that a personal workstation would be hidden from general browsing
> (although the name such as "\\name" can be typed in manually), while
> file servers and other computers commonly used by everyone on the
> network would remain visible.
> I recently recieved a request from my sysadmin to hide my box from the
> browse list, but as I am running the only linux box on my network, I
> don't get a lot of support on my end.  (I tried setting the "browse
> list" option to false, which is the only thing relevant I could see).  I
> cannot seem to find a way to configure this behavior in my smb.conf.
> Could one of you kind people please point me in the right direction, if
> it is even possible to do this currently?  If not, could this feature be
> implemented in future versions?  Thanks!
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