Papersizes with Samba 2.2.0 and Win2k.

David A. Mason damason at
Mon Mar 12 17:21:21 GMT 2001

If it is a postscript printer, the papersizes will be parsed by the client
using the .ppd (PostScript Printer Definition) file, which is installed with
the printer driver.

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Thank you, Stan.

Your answer might point to a solution. But... iirc, I don't have an
apsfilter. I print with the Windows drivers directly into the lpr. So
somewhere in that chain it has to be possible to set papersizes =P
I don't know of any smb settings, nor of any lprng settings, where I can
tell the printers (or the queues), what paper is available.

Anyone having similar problems?

Christian Hergl

Stan Sander wrote:

> My guess is that your print queues (via ghostscript and/or apsfilter) are
> the paper size definition is coming from.  Try setting up additional print
> queues with different paper sizes defined.  I've had good luck with that
> define landscape printing, printing on transparencies, duplex printing,
etc.  I
> use a naming convention like <my_printer_name> with a d appended for
duplex, a
> c for color, an l for landscape, etc., for the additional queue names.
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