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Mon Mar 12 15:07:16 GMT 2001

At 03:06 PM 3/12/01 +0100, Bartlomiej Solarz-Niesluchowski wrote:
>At 07:46 2001-03-12 -0600, Jim Morris wrote:
>>Hello Leandro,
>>Monday, March 12, 2001, 6:53:09 AM, you wrote:
>>L>     i had a little problem with my smbserver. I use linux to my
>>L> fileserver. The computers of my company are loggin in this
>>L> fileserver. But many times the answer of the server is "the
>>L> password informed is incorrect or the access to the server was
>>L> denied" ...
>>L>     without change the password and pressing enter 2 or 3 times,
>>L> the smbserver accept the connection. I want to know if there are
>>L> some option in the smb.conf file to change this ...
>>I have had this exact problem here.  I'll hazard a guess that the
>>client PC's with this issue are using DHCP to get their network
>>settings from the server?
>>Anyone else have any thoughts on this topic?  Am I barking up the
>>wrong tree in thinking this is an issue with the DHCP server, or is it
>>just that Windows 98 has something broken in its DHCP implementation?
>os level =128

os level > 33 is not needed for any Windows systems. So,

os level = 33 

is enough. If there is another samba server with an os level > 32, then you
might not want to fight with it.

>Probably someone takes control over master browsing.....

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